Why Test? page 6

I am attempting to do Step 5 of the Why Test? page 6 from the Beta Courses. I was supposed to replace two things, one in the .js file and one in the .html file, which I did, on the lines specified. Now, when I run the test, it will not pass, keeps saying there is an error, and will not allow me to pass to the last page until I figure out where the error is, and I cannot find it. There’s not even that much code to go through.

Also, I had to pick a category, but there’s no category for any of the beta courses.

I figured it out. If anybody else takes this course and gets stuck on this one, it’s because line 119 in the .html should read div class=“form-row clear-order-div” . It’s set up as div class=“form-row place-order-div” instead. You have to change this in order for all 7 tests to pass. This is not explained or even hinted at in the instructions.