Why should we make sure that the movie isn't already in our database?


In the context of this exercise, why should we make sure that the movie isn’t already in our database?


There are a few reasons why we might want to make sure that the movie is not already in our database. One reason is that the movie is already classified, so we don’t want to possibly reclassify it differently or incorrectly than what it really is. And another reason is that this does not give any useful information or new insights, and can cause the model to spend time computing without gaining new knowledge.


It would be good to include in the classify() function another argument, the title, called ‘checktitle’ and then make the first lines of the function:

if checktitle in dataset:
print ("I;m sorry. The movie ", checktitle, "is already in the dataset ", dataset)

I am a novice, so maybe this code is wrong.


excellent suggestion!