Why should I get a subscription for Codecademy?

Hello, I begin learning code thanks to Codecademy and it’s so great that all the programming languages lessons are accessible for free.

The subscription I would get is the one that is monthly but I cannot yet afford it. Maybe later.

What are the advantages I would benefit if I subscribe? Everything is accessible apart from the quizzes.

Hello @busholeander and welcome to the forums :grinning:

There is actually quiet a bit of content that is locked without a pro account.
With pro you receive access to pro courses such as:

You also can access career paths and skill paths.
You get to take quizzes like you mentioned, and you can work on projects that are contained in courses.

There are courses that aren’t accessible when you go deeper into them unless you pay the subscription. You should calculate that you have enough time and desire to make it worthwhile.