Why separate form from function?


I'm stuck here. I don't really understand how I can do the exercice. Can you help me ?


Did you figure out how to go to the stylesheet.css tab? (it is actually a file, but i will leave that for now)

the exercise already gives you the css selector:

span {
    /*Add your CSS here!*/

now, i will add some general css syntax:

span {
     /*Add your CSS here!*/
    property: value;

property and value are keyholder words, look in the exercise for the property (font-family) and the value (cursive), also check the hint, if you need more help, post your code and be a little bit more specific why you are stuck


After working a little bit harder I did it !


so can u plz help me its gving me a lot of problems


That depends, what is it you are struggling with? Can you show us your code?

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href=<span style="font-family:cursve"stylesheet.css>css</span>"/>
		<title>Even Fancier Fonts</title>
		<title>Even Fancier Fonts</title>
		<p>Much of this is regular text, but some of it is <span>fancy</span>!
		We can use our <span>newly fancified font</span> to add some
		<span>flair</span> to our website. It'd be a <span>royal pain</span> 
		to make each of these span tags <span>fancy</span> individually,
		but it's a cinch with <span>CSS</span>!</p>


here is my code. i dont understand the css stylesheet


There are are index.html and stylesheet.css tab in the top, you can click on the stylesheet.css tab, to switch to the stylesheet.css file


ok.and then.wat is the other step


ok thanx man.i found the correct answer.thanx for the help


This one is hard. I can's seem to put the right font into the space. please help.


Please create a new topic with your code + error message + question so someone can help you