Why separate form from function?

I’m stuck here. I don’t really understand how I can do the exercice. Can you help me ?

Did you figure out how to go to the stylesheet.css tab? (it is actually a file, but i will leave that for now)

the exercise already gives you the css selector:

span {
    /*Add your CSS here!*/

now, i will add some general css syntax:

span {
     /*Add your CSS here!*/
    property: value;

property and value are keyholder words, look in the exercise for the property (font-family) and the value (cursive), also check the hint, if you need more help, post your code and be a little bit more specific why you are stuck

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After working a little bit harder I did it !

so can u plz help me its gving me a lot of problems

That depends, what is it you are struggling with? Can you show us your code?

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href=<span style="font-family:cursve"stylesheet.css>css</span>"/>
		<title>Even Fancier Fonts</title>
		<title>Even Fancier Fonts</title>
		<p>Much of this is regular text, but some of it is <span>fancy</span>!
		We can use our <span>newly fancified font</span> to add some
		<span>flair</span> to our website. It'd be a <span>royal pain</span> 
		to make each of these span tags <span>fancy</span> individually,
		but it's a cinch with <span>CSS</span>!</p>

here is my code. i dont understand the css stylesheet

There are are index.html and stylesheet.css tab in the top, you can click on the stylesheet.css tab, to switch to the stylesheet.css file

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ok.and then.wat is the other step

ok thanx man.i found the correct answer.thanx for the help

This one is hard. I can’s seem to put the right font into the space. please help.

Please create a new topic with your code + error message + question so someone can help you