Why out ; after command


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I don’t know if I understand your question exactly, but I’ll try to answer:

Do you mean the semicolon at the end of a line of code?

console.log("Hello, World"); // <-- there?

That’s simply to tell the interpreter that the line has ended. It reads up to here, and once it reaches the semicolon (very quickly), it runs the code.

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oic - cos last 4line left it out and it ran just the same - i know most
progs have this kind of thing but it just seems extra - like if i designed
it i would put a # like this in which would aut0 put console.log(" "): in
so that all you woulld hve to do it put the words in - this is long winded.
Second if I pay 25aud per month I want to have someone watching me all time
in case of mistakes - if I got to wait for blog or chat too long then i may
as well go to lynda to learn. Whatsay?

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