Why on Instruction 4 I went to style.css and wrote on h1 "font-family: "Playfair Display", serif;"But it doesn't work,why?


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I’m having the same issue, I sent a bug report. I’m following the direction and can’t see where I’m going wrong.

i’m having that issue as well. How do we fix it?

Same issue here, I’ll send a bug report as well.

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In order to get past the error and proceed, I went to the index.html tab and changed the h1 element to h3, I was able to move on.


I’m stuck on this too! :frowning:

Thanks veronicaoleson! That helped me a lot.

Thx a lot!!!You solved my problem

Thank you veronicaoleson - i was stacke in there for 2 hours - you solved my issue thank you.

Thanks - that helped me to. I got stuck in Firefox, tried it in Crome!!! …but your answer helped me :slight_smile:

great thanks it is working ! Though it is a curious bug

Thanks, it’s working!

Got the same error also.

It is solving the problem but it’s not correct solution to the exercise. I would like to know why CodeCademy staff do nothing with this?

Same issue, I have been going crazy, literally pulling my eyes open to double check it’s not just me being negligent! Sent a report also, but will check here for help.

Thank you, @veronicaoleson, how did you come to this solution?

It helped here too, thanks Veronicaoleson

another question so, have any one completed the course (HTML&CSS)
then found this one we are doing (HTML&CSS:part 1)

does this even make sense ??
I was confused when I found the next adivicable course is this one
and so far the content is so similar to the privious with some more infos.

Thanks a lot, you saved me lol

Hello! I researched it and someone said that it worked. I ran into other
issues later and the complete solution is to use chrome.

Hello,yes it works in Chrome without problem