Why not just put my name in the string?

Couldn’t we just put our name within the print program as opposed to a different line?


Well, that would not be following the instructions to the letter, which you might find around here goes a long way to a good learning experience.

The lesson shows us how a variable can be assigned with a value, then interpolated into a string and outputed to the console.

There are a number of concepts demonstrated…

  1. strings
  2. variables
  3. assignment
  4. concatenation
  5. printing

Thanks Roy! I’m a beginner and just wanted to be the guy to ask questions about everything for better understanding. Kind of self-teaching/ learning this stuff, not the easiest task.


With more experience the usefulness of this will become understood. It’s a small part of a bigger picture.


Is it necessary to write a variable as my_name, can’t we write like my name?

@giga0346789029, variable names, among other constraints, must include no spaces.

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Thanks for help, it means a lot.