Why Not Any Apple Things?

Hello my name is Tim,
I’ve Token Some Time this morning to search around for good free learning programs to learn how to code, and i have found this one. I think it is a great program , but one problem no people can learn any way to program apple products. Us here at apple want to expand our iPhone apps to a large group of people including young men and women. Which your program has working with it. I have looked at code school and they have objective-c and swift programs. I encourage you to make a swift course so young developers can code not just web and andoird, ’ Apple’!
Thanks, Tim Cook,
CEO Of Apple

Hi Tim,
Both Objective-C and Swift have been suggested and Swift is an option in the course poll as well as the option named “App(iPhone/Android)” so I suggest that you vote over there, if you have not already.
The course poll was created to get input from the community to help decide which course should be added to Codecademy next, and once the poll has been closed, the new course will be decided and it will start being put together.

FYI in the poll (currently):
App (iPhone/Android) 20%;
Swift, for building iOS apps 3%

Thank you for your inquiry. If you are not sure about something, don’t hesitate to ask.

~ Chris