Why not add Lua?

I really hope that Codecademy will add a Lua course as it is a good programming language to embed in scripts and programs! 😉

I am learning Luau (Roblox Lua). But I simply can't remember what a section of a code does when I look at it. Why not add a Lua course so that people can come here to learn Lua and Codecademy will be more popular as since there isn't any good place to learn Lua! I am really hoping that Codecademy will add a course so that game developers can also embed Lua in their code and make their game better! (Though I want to learn Lua so that I can learn Luau (Roblox's altered version of it, formerly RBX) better! And to probably embed Lua in my code (if I ever become a good programmer)!)

I’m going to take a guess, I don’t actually know and I don’t work for CC:

Codecademy probably does studies to measure demand versus what the popular demand for junior jobs in the market is currently. If it’s not on their radar it’s probably because the cost of creating a course for it outweighs the demand combined with how likely students of that language will go on to get jobs in the field.

The other guess is that for the most part CC likes to keep activity on their website, for Lua one needs to use Love to run the files. So it is a lot of off-platform time which is harder to control for quality.

These are just wild guesses, I could be totally off base.

However if you want to learn Lua, if you learn Python or Java (or C++!) it well it wouldn’t be hard to pickup Lua. I’ve done both and Lua code always seems readable and straight-forward.

From what I’ve seen, C++ is one of the more in-demand languages in gaming (though you’d have to do your own research to verify). So if you learn C++ not only do you set yourself up for lua, but you can build skill in a language that’s already in demand in the gaming field.

Hope this helps! Again, I never studied Lua so you might want to check other forums for more thorough discussions. I’ve seen a lot of threads on good skills/languages to study in the indiedevelopers subreddit and places like it.

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Thank you very much! This clears up on a lot of things!

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