Why no more PHP courses?

I really do not get why you have no PHP courses please can you enlighten me.

Did you check this topic already exist? There are plenty of them, it becomes exhausting to keep answering why the PHP course got removed


Yeah saw them now. Sorry seems senseless though and ill thought idea.

i gave some good arguments here:

If you really want do to PHP, there must be other good sources to learn PHP. I hope you find it i can learn PHP there


As for it being an good argument well I beg to differ. As a marketing perspective anyone wanting to learn multiple coding languages including PHP will most probably go elsewhere as I am doing. Hence the reason I dropped my subscription. However. thanks for your answer it was much appreciated.

learning from a single source is never a good idea, i think many people will learn the languages they can here on codecademy and if they really want to learn PHP, just learn PHP elsewhere

Given PHP course was so inactive, removing it made resources available for other courses and content, so i think overall its a gain.