Why my flame is not ignited?

I did not miss coding a single day. But today on 28th December 2019, my streak (flame) is not ignited. I sent several emails to codecademy support. But did not get any response. The first email that I sent inquiring about this issue was at 10:59 am Sweden time. Now it is 4:15 pm Sweden time. I just wonder whether there is anything wrong with the Streak system or their email system. So I thought I should ask this question here. I have a personal goal to continue my streak to at least 365 days. And without my fault, why is it discontinued after 77 days. Even on 27th December 2019 at night, I checked the streak and it was ignited. On 27th December 2019, I completed the clamp method of the Lodash Project. First I completed the method with if statements and then according to the Video Tutorial provided. Attached is the reference that I tried to communicate with Codecademy several times.

Hello, @dev6300938908.

I feel your pain. It appears there is an issue with the ‘Streak’. My flame has gone gray as well. I’ve reported the issue to some CC team members in another venue where it will get attention. I’ll let you know if/when I have any information.

Edit: Original post was before midnight local time. It is now after midnight, and my flame is again lit, but I don’t think the number incremented even though I completed a couple of exercises after midnight. Let me know the status of your flame, please.