Why my datetime.now() code yeld difference result from my local time?


Why the code I use displayed my time right now result in the format that I expect, but it is somehow difference from my local current time? Is it because of the time zone difference between my local time and the time Codeacademy’s datetime.now() referred to are different?


And my local time was 11:48 AM 8/7/2018 (Just to be clarify it was 8 August 2018 for someone who is not familiar with the dd/mm/yyyy format). And 11:48 AM = 11:48 in 24 hours system. There is no way that it would be 04:41:48. It was not just a few minutes difference, but it was 7 hours difference.

By the way, I am a new user so I can’t upload more than 1 picture in a post. Otherwise, I would show you what my local time really was on screen.


The Codecademy interface gives UTC time, not local time. It makes sense since all time zones access this site. Better this base reference for all time zones to access. As it stands, this is not a bug or oversight as I see it, but the preferred baseline.


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