Why my code is wrong?



You seem to have added a whole new method, instructions seem to be to modify an existing one.

Chromium on windows eh? Interesting. Just out of curiosity, where are you getting your updates from?


i really dont understand the instructions given please help me ,mr ionatan?


You have initialize in two places
There should only be one, the other one should not exist


cannot worked!


You switched places for @age and age, see how it was in your previous screenshot?


can u give me the answer?


i'll try my nothing happen but my code still cannot work!


If you click the Reset button you'll get the original code back.

The original code has most of the stuff already in place, but you need to add another two parameters and assign those to instance variables. So in total, there will be three paramaters: name, age and profession.

Don't remove or move anything in the original code. Just add the extra parameters and assignments.


now i understand thank you mr ionatan.