Why must we nest a title into a head tag? Isn't it a little redundant?

In this particular section of the html course why is the the head tag necessary if we have a title element? Would it be ok to just put in a title element and not have a head tag? why would this work or not work?
Thanks in advance!


@bit9139260378 the reason is that there are a number of other HTML tags that will be present inside the <HEAD> tag of a typical HTML document.

The Intro to HTML course doesn’t introduce these, hence perhaps your impression that there is only <Title> to put under <Head>.

However there are various meta-tags for example which offer page description, author, tags for social media sites to discern page content, etc. In addition, any related stylesheets and scripts are usually linked here.

More here on stuff that goes in the <Head> tag:


Antonjw OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! IT makes complete sense with your explanation!!! I guess I was missing part of the information. I didnt know what other things came under the “head” tag. you are soooo awesome thanks for you simply explained answer. You have no idea how much you have helped me. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thanks again!!!