Why "Learn React Testing" course isn't a part of "Front-End Engineer" career path?


I do “Front-End Engineer” path and I struggled little bit with testing React apps. The career path provides set of articles about this theme, but I wasn’t satisfied after finishing them. (I didn’t feel comfortable about how to test on my own.)
So I searched CodeCademy’s catalogue and find out that there is “Learn React Testing” course! Currently I’m in 50% and it’s much much better than mentioned articles. What I don’t understand is why it’s not a part of whole “Front-End” career?

Thanks for explanation! :slight_smile:

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I’d personally be inclined to agree, I’ve recently done those sections (albeit on the Full-Stack path, not Front-End but I don’t believe there’s any difference for those specific modules) and I really don’t feel that confident on it, as you mentioned I don’t think that I could comfortably write React tests just from the modules in the path.

I think the biggest issue with trying to add new content is simply that the path is already really quite long, and if all of the extra content that would be cool to have on there was actually added, it would equate to many many more hours on the course time. That said said however in my opinion TDD is important enough that the path would benifit fairly heavily from it. Thanks for recommending that course, I know what I’ll be doing now I think :joy:.


Just to add to what @notlyall wrote, from what I know the React testing course is newer than the Front end path. Adding it would diminish a lot of people’s progress and possibly piss them off…


Yeah, that makes sense. But still it can save a lot of suffer for newcomers to the path.
I also think about a possibility that codecademy creators may want to extend “Learn React testing” course (redux portion would be nice^^) and then add it to the path.