Why It is teaching NodeJS in Learn JavaScript course instead of JavaScript for web?

I have a doubt as to why it is teaching NodeJS instead of JavaScript for web in the Learn JavaScript course.

Is there a course to learn JavaScript for the web in Codecademy?

Not sure there is an answer for that. Pick the content and proceed forward, is what one might picture. Only thing is this wading pool may start at the deep end, some times.

Why not consider taking Front-End Engineer or Full Stack Engineer?

I have a doubt as to why it is teaching NodeJS

Very good question. It seemed odd to me too and left me a ton of unresolved doubts.

Is there a course to learn JavaScript for the web in Codecademy?

Unfortunately not that I’ve seen yet. But I still have to finish the 3 career paths for webdev as I am just at about 40% each.

The best method I followed to learn JS properly has been the Mozilla Development Network website (MDN for short). Go to the APIs page:

Pick the API you want to learn to use and just study and practice it :slight_smile:

In my opinion two must-to-learn are:

  • DOM API - to manipulate the DOM and basically open an entire realm of possibilities
  • WAAPI - web animations

But as you can see there are a ton of them, so in terms of time and concentration doing all of them is expensive (MDN is a free resource economically speaking), so in order to choose you’ll need to know exactly what kind of projects you want to develop.

Is this helpful? :slight_smile:

There is a pretty big focus on JS for the front-end web using the React framework/library (and some other frameworks as well). A lot of development these days is relying on those kinds of frameworks and I would say it is mostly for a good reason. But you do need a good understanding of basic JS before using them. So what I have seen in Full Stack path is first plain JS is introduced and then more framework specific (using React/Redux mostly). I think the Learn Javascript course wants to introduce most of the basic JS features to either provide background for back-end JS or front-end framework/libraries primarily (but desktop/mobile apps is now a possibility as well). But I think there are some smaller courses covering plain JS for web as well that you could do after finishing the JS course.

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Which are that courses. Mentioning them could be helpful.
FYI: I am not a Pro user.

There is one called Building Interactive JS Websites but it’s a Pro course. It really depends on what you are interested in building but Learn React, p5, Phaser are all non-pro where you will use JS for the web and there are more. It depends on what you want to build. But for websites, make sure to also go through HTML/CSS courses as it’s essential.