Why isn't this letting me go further? (7/8)


My code:
var main = function(){
$('.menu').animate({left: "0px"}, 200);
$('body').animate({left: "245px"}, 200);

  $('.menu').animate({left: "-285px"}, 200);
  $('body').animate({left: "0px"}, 200);



The error I'm getting is:"Oops, try again. Remember to add code for $('.menu') inside $('.icon-close').click(). Look back at the instructions for the code."
It friggin' is INSIDE the $('.icon-close').click() function! And why is the first working and I'm just getting an error for the second???


Hi Diana,

Which exercise are you on?


Right, sorry, I'm new to the discussion panel.
I'm on 7. Close the Menu


It's fine :)
Your code works for me, so I suggest refreshing the page and switching browsers.
I did spot a small problem though, on line 4 you should be pushing the body left by 285px, not 245px.