Why isn't there .LISP on Codecademy?

Hello everyone ,

I wanted to generally ask why .lisp isn’t part of the selections to learn Codecademy? Is it due to the low popularity of it or everyone stuck on Python? I also have another programming language I wanted to try which is called Julia which is made by MIT and I waned to know why this isn’t part of Codecademy also?

Almost certainly due to low popularity. It takes a lot of time to develop a course, and if they develop one in a language that few people use, it won’t be a cost effective way to spend their time.

As you can see, Lisp didn’t even make it on to this ranking, and Julia (albeit an awesome language) is barely gaining popularity. In another 5 years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Julia course on Codecademy. However, Lisp has been around since the 1950s and doesn’t look to be gaining popularity in the coming years.


yeah I would agree, Lisp has the reputation of being antiquated and there is probably a poor cost-benefit ratio for the developers of codecademy course content.

Well I think it would be smart to start developing one, with the implementation of Chia Blockchain and their exclusive deal with the world bank, Lisp will soon become a major need. The proof of time space model blows the proof of work or proof of stake out of the water when it comes to energy efficiency. Their NFT1 standard features are amazing too.