Why isn't the quotes printing into the module?

from random import randint



print "Are you ready for Shakespeare insults?!"

for insult in range(0,4):

def print_speare(first,second,third):
   for row in first:
       print " ".join(row)

    def random_one(first):
        return randint(0,len(first))
        return first

    def random_two(second):
        return randint(0,len(two))

    def random_three(third):
        return randint(0,len(third))

speare= int(raw_input("Type 1 for 'yes' and 2 for 'no' here:"))

if speare==1:
    print "Thou"+first[""]+second[""]+third[""]
elif speare==2:
    print "Bye Then!"
    ``print "Oops, you didn't answer!"



What do you want as output?

I want it to add a random item or word from each of the the lists. I thought I could consecrate Thou+a random word from the first list+ a random word from the second list+ a random word for the third list.

I also want that to happen 20 times…
I thought I could just simply just add them. And by putting first.append(*20) I thought that would print it out 20 times.

In this one you are appending an empty value 20 times.

I don’t know what this is.

You could use a randint with the range you want, and then assign the list, accessing that index, to a variable in order to get the randomness you want.