Why isn't my program running?


I started of excitingly to code for the first time(it was on notepad++ btw). But when i run the codes it came up on chrome
the actual words I used to code

  <h3><a href="#">brushes</a></h3>

instead of defining the code
(ex brushes)
What am i missing?


Welcome to programming, where details matter.

To answer your question, enough information to be able to replicate everything you did is required.

If you’re following some set of instructions I suggest re-reading them several times, and perhaps looking at other instructions for the same thing as well - you might already have the information of what you’re missing. For getting started with a language there are usually videos where you can see what everything is expected to look like all the way through, you might want to try looking at one of those.


You need to include

(links like css files and stylesheets)
(this is where your code you just sent need to be)
(scripts whould needed to be here, optional[Javascript just in case so you know that])

and you need to include .html when saveing file (save as) like name.html

I copied the code what you sent and it was correct for me: image watch a tutorial video on youtube if it isn’t clear


gosh ! you saved me!!! I didn’t write .html! Thanks so much!
while I’m at it, I want to ask another question.
when i wanted to ask my (first) question i had the opposite problem. i wanted to write the whole thing that i wrote on my code editor (the way you show it above) but instead of writing it in plain text, it translated it in
how its suppose to look on the browser


(thats why i didn't show the entire code) I would love to know what I'm doing wrong


Forums have formatting too. When you post code you need to tell the forum that it is not supposed to look for formatting and instead display it as-is


…how do i do that?


Not answering that.
But if you find me difficult to deal with, here’s some perspective:

For the first post this applies:

And your last question:
You skipped steps 1-5

Amazing article, reading it all may be helpful to getting information in general.

People generally want to help, but only if it actually helps!