Why isn't bash showing as an option in the VS Code terminal?

So I have my VS Code setup and I have git bash installed as well. When right clicking stuff in file explorer I get git options, but in the terminal in VS Code my only options are Powershell(which is the default), command prompt and JavaScript debug terminal. In every example I see in codeacademy thje terminal is set to bash, but I can’t seem to find a way to change this? I tried google but every example is either in linux or the windows example doesn’t work. Please help me to set the terminal to bash in VS Code.
Thank you

It’s there, but not obvious. In the upper-right of the VS terminal you may see powershell. To the right of if is a + sign with a down arrow. Click the down arrow and you’ll see the command prompt selections. Choose git bash and you’re off to the races. If you want to set bash as the default in VSC, select bash and then, at the bottom of + ‘down arrow’ icon, you can select it as your default.

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It actually is not there. I was asking how to get it there when it isn’t in the drop down menu.