Why is this so confusing! It's supposed to be easy when your starting



It says I'm okay, what I am confused about is that I have 3 lines of code and
only one number pops up in the terminal!!!!!! This happens on every exercise,
type in line 1. my_name="Brittain" line 2. my_age=30 and you get only 30!!!!!
what the heck is going on why is this so unintuitive. Really grinding my gears

Replace this line with your code. 


Okay so the lines you have there are declaring variables.
Each line you are saying variableA = result of operation.

This process is happening "within the program" if you want to put it like that.
To output from the program we need to use print variableA or puts variableA that you will learn about in later exercises.

This allows the program to output information to us.

The current output you are seeing is a result of the correction tests that CC runs to check your code.

Hope that clears things up, keep going!


So essentially I'm not supposed to be seeing every single line that I input come out on the output??


Yep that's it! Later on you'll learn you only see lines outputted you specifically say should be outputted.


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