Why is there topics I can't like?

I’m using Codecademy for a week now and going through Code Foundations and Computer Science paths. There are links to the topics on the forum attached to the lesson’s exercises, some of the links I’ve read have no like button for me though the panel below the text of a topic shows the number of likes others did. Why can’t I like those topics?

For example, the link of the topic about the first exercise of Learn Python: Functions has such an issue

The problem doesn’t change over time like the different community member’s one.

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Hi there.

From a technical standpoint, the reason that you cannot like the topic post is because of how the category is set up.

The topics in #faq accept votes on the topic post, but you can like the replies to the topic. That’s why there’s the vote button and vote count to the left of the topic title, and a count of likes in the topic summary.



Thank you for your help :smiley: It helps me to understand that categories can be set up in a certain way but I’m still confused with the topic summary count of likes - there are 3 answers in the example and the number of likes summed up is 8, why is there 47 likes in the topic summary count? Or where did those likes came from?

The honest answer to that would be that I simply don’t know. I presume it’s a quirk of the forum software, but exactly why there’s such a large difference between the number of likes on the replies and the count in the summary is something I can’t explain immediately.

If I find a satisfactory answer, though, I’ll come back and let you know. :slight_smile:


:hibiscus: It’d be awesome! Thank you :hibiscus: