Why is there Pro now?

Why did you decide to create premium memberships? You have fallen into the darkness like so many other places now.

Knowledge is power. Get rid of pro.


Hi Jordan,

@onbrokenwings Was also disappointed by the recent addition of Codecademy PRO.

And, from my answer there:

Codecademy isn’t restricting access to any course content, which is the most important part of Codecademy. PRO only gives you live help, extra quizzes, links to external resources, etc… But they aren’t restricting knowledge by having PRO. They’re expanding it, since:

  1. It’s an income for them, so they can stay in business and come out with even more courses
  2. People who would’ve struggled to learn a concept will have an easier time now, because of the quizzes and Advisors.

So I think it actually benefits everyone.
Besides, PRO features are bound to come trickling down to normal users as PRO gets more features.
I saw that just recently with CodePen, where for a while you had to pay to be allowed to style your profile (you got other features as well, of course). But then they did a redesign, and let everyone style their profile, but let paid users use Pens as the background of their profiles! So someday, normal Codecademy users might get the resources and quizzes, but not the projects or something.

Again, I think PRO is a good thing, unlike when I first heard about it.

Sorry for the long post!


Normally I would edit my other post to include this, but since my other post is so long, I’m going to create a new post.


I would disagree with you (see above), but that aside:

Codecademy is still better
Unlike Treehouse, where you must pay to get any course content, or Code School, where only a small amount of the content is free, all of Codecademy courses are still completely free. As stated above, PRO only gets you extra features. The essential part to learning on Codecademy is still free.

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Thanks @zystvan for that great post.

We created Pro to make sure that we can keep free, well - free!

We will never get rid of a Free offering, but now we can help people dive in deeper with Pro, get advisor support and have access to more content. But, you can still get amazing skills from the Free version. It’s just how and where you want to take your journey. We want to make sure that people can still learn to code for free, and that will never go away.

Thanks for your concern.

Some benefits of Pro:

With Codecademy Pro, Advisors are online to help with debugging, code reviews, and more. Advisors will also work with you to determine the best way to go through your path recommending other resources and making sure all your questions about your learning journey are answered.

Advisors are eager to help out when you need it. Advisors can:
• Recommend extra resources
• Help with tech issues & questions about Pro BETA
• Give guidance on big-picture questions
• Help decide what to learn next
• Customize your path to include more, new, or different courses
• Explain tricky concepts
• Review your code and help you understand difficult exercises

You also get access to extra resources and projects to take your skills and learning to the next level.

Thanks for reaching out.


There’s one problem - PRO accounts’ price to expensive for Russia, Ukraine etc.
Will you change prices in future dependence of country like Blizzard with they games?

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@cmorodinka I hear you… So true, people from South Africa, as you say Russia, India ect cos of their currency being much weaker it not affordable to many…

But I think if codecademy does something like that it will be really difficult to keep track and people can con and cheat their way through, a no win situation