Why is there no output in the terminal?

why is my terminal in the code academy going blank, when I press next after doing python


this question was related to a comment so if you had only a comment in the code, then python will not execute it. however if below the comment you had also submitted a line of executable code, like below
#my first code welcomed users to the class
print(“Hello and welcome” + my_name+"!")
you will then see this on your terminal on the right
Hello and welcomeCharu!


Just refresh the page to bring it up. It happens in a lot of the lessons.

But I wonder why that is when I refresh the page it loads immediately but without refreshing it seems to be stuck in a infinite loading loop.

Hi I put this in and I would like to know what I did wrong in this program that no terminal shows up and why it just shows the number 4 right after

#this code will be used to do multiplications
2* 2