Why is there no lua

so i seen this on another persons post but really why is there not lua code here because you guys would get SOOOOOOO many mro users if you tought lua here like creating things in video games i know it doenst really fit too the theme of codecademy but think about how many users would join if you tought launguages like that for exapmple C++ or GML and more! Anyways, i hope your read this staff bye :smiley:

If you saw this on someone else’s post, was there a reply there? This question has been answered so many times that it wouldn’t be hard to find an answer already posted.

Check out one of these posts, with @rhyscrypto’s (rather good) reply here.

If that answer doesn’t answer your question satisfactorily, then just do a search for another “where’s Lua?” post by clicking the magnifying class icon in the top-right corner of each page.