Why is there an error in Apigee 19/21 "Adding users to a group" section?


function addUserToGroup(){
var client = new Usergrid.Client({
//Intialize your client with the proper credentials

//fill out the group options here!
var options = {
    client: client, 

var explorers = new Usergrid.Group(options);
explorers.fetch(function(error, data){
    client.login("17chiue", "1234", function(error, data, loggedInUser){
        //Use the explorers object to add the user entity to the group.
        //Set the user property of options to the user entity
        //in the callback above

        var options = {
            //Set this to the value of the logged in user

        explorers.add(options, function(error, data, list){
            //Use the members helper to get all the members of a group!
            explorers.members(function(err, members){
                //Get the first member of the group
                var member = members[0];
                //Get the username of the first group member here
                var username = loggedInUser.get("username");
                //Use the get() function to get the user's name


It gives me the following error:

Oops, try again. Please follow the instructions on the Full Preview page to test your code.