Why is the Title always missing?


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I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else or if it is even an error, but ever since I started the HTML/CSS lesson, whenever there is a Title, nothing shows up in the results box. For instance, in the link I attached, in the index.html there is a line of code that I have inserted below . But nowhere do I see the title “The Great Tree of HTML” anywhere, even when I go to Full Screen. It’s been like this for every lesson. What am I missing?

``` The Great Tree of HTML
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Could you post your full code, not just the <title> tags?

Also, title wont appear in your result box. Title will only show up next to where you press “new tab” on the bar at the top of your browser.

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<title> your title will show up here | </title>



Adding on to what @zainabrawat said:

The tab at the top of the screen is where the title of every website you visit will be. Because Codecademy uses something called an iframe, which means website in a website, to display the website that you wrote in HTML/CSS, so the tab contains the title of the course/exercise, not your embedded website(iframe). If you wrote the same code in a file on your computer and opened it in your browser, you would see the title.

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Oh ok that makes sense! So basically for these exercises on Codeacademy, I will never see the Title on my tab since it will always say what lesson I am on instead?

Yes :slight_smile:  

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