Why is the last statement not printing? Help!

So for my math class, we need to do these things called box plots where we find the min, 2nd lowest, median, second highest, and max. I thought that I might as well write it in Python to speed up the process. I need some help with the median, below is the code. Thanks

def box_plot(list1):
    median_finder1 = len(list1) / 2
    min_finder = list1[1]
    q1_finder = list1[2]
    median_finder2 = list1(str(median_finder1))
    q2_finder = list1(-2)
    max_finder = list1(-1)
    print ("Min: " + str(min_finder))
    print ("Q1: " + str(q1_finder))
    print ("Median: " + str(median_finder2))
    print ("Q2: " + str(q2_finder))
    print ("Max: " + str(max_finder))


Not sure what you’re asking

So I get this when ever I run my code. What am I doing wrong:
line 6, in box_plot
median_finder2 = list1(str(median_finder1))
TypeError: ‘list’ object is not callable

It seems to already say that :thinking:

So I need to make it so that it will attach the number in the middle of the list to median_finder2

You’re not asking anything! Figure out what information you’re missing. Then move on to consider where you can get it. For example, if you don’t know how some particular list operation is written, then browsing through some list chapter of some python tutorial will get you that information.

Ok, I am trying to find the median in a list. How would I do it in Python?

Same way as you’d do it manually.
Figure out what needs to happen and then start implementing those things one at a time.
That’s how anyone ever does it, surely you should do it the same way?

Figure out what information you’re actually missing before you start asking.

You might for example start by writing code which finds the location in the list that is the middle. What’s next? Keep going until you run into a stop. Identify exactly what’s stopping you, find that information, then keep going again.