Why is the box model concept important?


Why is the box model concept important?


The box model concept is important because the browser renders each and every element as a rectangle, or box. Each box has a content area - the height and width of the “real” content (like text, images, and videos), padding - the space between the content edge and the border, border - outline that wraps the padding plus the content, and margin - space between the border and the nearest element.


to put it in more of a perspective for me, if you’d be so kind. If the box model were a picture, frame included-----what would be what? Thank You. i get that the picture would be the content.

I would look at it as the content as the picture, the padding as the mat around the picture, the border as the actual frame and then the margin as the space between this object and the next picture on the wall. Someone please correct me if that is not quite right.