Why is my paragraph not applying it's style?

Here’s The link to my CodePen.

A Pen by here_to_learn (codepen.io)

Sorry if it’s a little messy, stil a work in progress. But can anyone please tell me why my second paragraph is not applying the style given?

Hello, do you mean the p element with the class .dateline ?

Hello, Thanks for replying, But it is not the class of .dateline.

And there was a small typo, I meant <span>. I have no idea why it isn’t applying the style.

The first part has Comic Sans MS as the font, and I tried applying the font for the second part too, but It won’t apply. I think the class name is .parag2

Ok I see, so it seems like you missed something here, simple type error.
Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 12.19.24
It is supposed to be <span class="parag2">.

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Thanks a ton! I was pondering over this for a long time, and it was that small a mistake!

No worries, it happens to everyone.
Happy coding !