Why is my For Loop multiplying every String

In the thread shed exercise why is the last for loop making every string appear multiple times?

Here is the coding:

# Start coding below!
daily_sales_replaced = daily_sales.replace(';,;','+')
daily_transactions = daily_sales_replaced.split(',')
daily_transactions_split = []
for transaction in daily_transactions:

transactions_clean = []
for transaction in daily_transactions_split:
  transaction_clean = []
  for data_point in transaction:
    transaction_clean.append(data_point.strip(" "))

if you run print(transactions_clean) you will see that every string was multiplied. I even tried to copy exactly the walkthough video and still got an error

you can even check the walktough video here to compare

Please encase your code in a code box, accessible via the </> icon that appears in the menu bar atop the text box when you open it for typing. That will turn your code into Python, a language in which indentations are fundamental, not something open for guesswork on the part of your reader.

I’ve edited the original post for improved legibility.

There are two loops, one nested inside the other. Only one of the append lines should be inside the nested loop. Un-indent by a couple of spaces back on the last line so it is only inside the outer loop, and not inside the nested one.