Why is my DNS data tab blank on wireshark?

I’m following along with the Introduction to Cybersecurity Network Monitoring tutorial, on wireshark and I can see the data.

But when I put in DNS or tcp.port == 80 in the display filter the tabs are empty, as opposed to showing the example page data the tabs are just blank.

I did use:
‘right-click on it, click “Follow”, and then click “UDP Stream”.’
on a few packets to see the raw data using the display filter ARP.

However, I am unsure if they are supposed to be blank, or if I didn’t check certain boxes that show me the DNS data on my network

Did you ever figure it out? mine is doing the same thing.

Hello, Unfortunately, I still have not.

So after a while, I just finished the course, and I deleted the program just to have some more storage space on my laptop.

Then I started into full-stack so that way when I circle back.

I’d hope someone answers, or I would at least have enough deleted for storage to try again.

Sorry for the late reply I think it was around the time I was contemplating field recording.
Then took a break from the site to plan out and organize other personal projects.