Why is my cursor not lined up with the text?


I am using Chrome and trying to learn JavaScript through the "getting started" course. When I type, however, the cursor line gets farther and farther away from the text. How can I fix this?


Maybe taking a screenshot of what you see and mean would help people to visualize the problem and give you advice on how to fix it


Here is a screenshot of what this problem looks like. Notice how far out the line is, despite me not trying to get all the way to there. http://imgur.com/iCTaDJP

The more I type the farther away it goes. It only does this error in that box, not on any other site.

I have tried this on Firefox and that browser does not have this error. I however do not want to switch between browsers and would like to fix it for Chrome.

http://imgur.com/LckfXAQ (Working on Firefox)


Yeah I am afraid this problem is out of my realm of knowledge. The only thing I can think of is I know when you click in the textbox to type something and then you click out of it you get this sliverish grey type of line that you can not type in until you reclick back into the textbox. However, from what you have said and posted I doubt that is it.


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