Why is my CSS file not linking to my HMTL in VSCode?

Hi everyone,

I’m creating my first local website in VSCode to play with as I learn concepts. I have an html file linked to a local css file using the code pasted below. I have a Projects folder, which contains a Portfolio folder. The html doc is in the Portfolio folder along with another folder titled Style, which contains the css file. However, when I run the html, none of the css is linked. Even when I inspect the page with Chrome devtools, there’s no sign of the css file anywhere on the page. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>My Portfolio</title>
        <link rel="sylesheet" href="style/index.css"> 

Edit: I’ve tried using relative and absolute paths and using the live server extension in VSCode. Nothing.

Edit 2: I spent hours searching for solutions and just realized I misspelled “stylesheet.” Welp…

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