Why is it so slow and telling me my code is wrong?

I continue to put the same code that I view on this forum, it takes FOREVER to run, then says its wrong. after three tries it gives me the “correct code” which is identical to what I input in the first place. what is the deal?

Can you show a screenshot?

raw_input() is a function which prompts you for input, you need to enter something while the programming is running, otherwise its going to take a long time to realize no input is going to come in/being typed.

thanks for answering…I am trying to enter a word, and when I do it just keeps running…how am I supposed to be entering the word?

You enter a word, then press enter to submit.

pretend I have never seen a computer before. lol where am i entering the word? half the time it allows me to access the right part of the screen with the blinking cursor, the rest it doesn’t

the blinking part on the right hand side is where you should enter the word

You can always click on the output/terminal window, maybe that helps? Unfortunately, its also sometimes bugged. Then you could try to refresh the page (this might take several attempts)

OK I am thinking it is bugged. oh well…thanks for the help tho. Its super frustrating trying to learn something and not know if you are doing it wrong or the program is bugged lol. but still was useful exercise i guess…

its possible, you could attempt to refresh and see if you can enter something into the prompt, sometimes this takes several tries

it seems that something in the early decisions about implementation now comes back to haunt codecademy, i will keep reporting this bug i hear about it though

thanks. so far everything that is simple commands works great, just when I get the entire package together at the end of a module is where it seems to bog down or be error prone

I’m having the same issue with the Pig Latin one.

I spent roughly 15min staring at my one line of code in Pyglatin 3/11, wondering why the interface said I had made a mistake. I enter a word, the system spends a minute or two thinking, and then tells me there’s a mistake. Went to the forum and discovered that others had been having the same problem. Someone mentioned that refreshing the screen might help. Then I realized that I had started reading the exercise, then went to a new tab in Chrome to look at the rules for Pig Latin, out of curiosity. When I switched back to the Codecademy page, there was a screen asking if I was still there. I refreshed the screen, and then the code worked.

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