Why is it not accepting my code?


I followed the instructions and my code is correct, why is my answer not being accepted?


A lot of common issues are solved by clearing your browser’s cache and pressing ctrl + f5 (cmd + shift + r on Mac) to hard refresh the page. Also be sure to try using Chrome, as it’s typically the most reliable for Codecademy’s environment.
If you’re seeing a grey terminal on the right instead of the normal terminal, and nothing happens when you press run, the issue may be caused by the account you registered with.

  1. First, check to make sure you’ve verified your account through your email.

  2. If you’ve tried everything above and made your account by signing in with your Google account, some users in the same situation have had success creating a new account with a “normal” email, not signing in through Google.

These are just common issues I’ve seen as an advisor, but we also have an official troubleshooting guide you can try as well if nothing above worked out.