Why is indentation important?


Why is indentation important?


Indentation in HTML is important, not only because it signifies a relationship between parent/child elements (nested elements), but because it makes an HTML document easier to read.


We must also say that the correct formatting or indentation of our code is a good practice, improves the readability of it, both for us and for another person who needs to work on our code or needs to based on it, etc. In fact there are plugins and tools that help us with this.


Much more important than indentation is document outline. No amount of readability can trump a document with a well formed outline. Any experienced reader of HTML can read it with or without the stylized indentation. The markup informs the outline. There is either a good one, or not.

If I was grading a document for quality, it would not be the style guide I’d be using for criteria. I would look only at the outline given in the structure. I wouldn’t even insist on indentation. Prove that you can write a well formed document with a viable outline and you’ll get points from me.


As someone who worked for a web site hosting company, I came across various styles of design coding. Having to troubleshoot another’s code that doesn’t follow common indentation conventions has been a nightmare. I’ve seen code left justified and in a “one-liner”. I’ve told customers that I wouldn’t troubleshoot their site unless they begin to follow normal indentation conventions.

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