Why is favRapper function not showing when i run it on browser?

So I’m new to Javascript and am currently practicing on functions. In my code, when i run it on browser everything shows up on browser except when I call the favRapper function. I know its probably something sooo simple but im just not seeing it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

alert(‘You are now accessing a Government Website! Any false information given or intentional tampering of this webpage will be prosecuted to the highest letter of the law.’)

function go(name,age) {




go(‘Daniel’, 30);

go(‘Keanu’, 27);

var yourName = prompt(‘Whats your name?’);

function favRapper(name, rapper) {

console.log(`${name}s favorite rapper is ${rapper}`);


favRapper(‘Daniel’, ‘J Cole’);

Did you check your console? If you right-click on your browser and click inspect element you can access your console and see if favRapper() has been successfully invoked.

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