Why is during this question we cannot use solution like the return inside the ternary operators?

Now that we’ve removed the unnecessary words, let’s take care of any misspelled words in the story. We can reassign storyWords to a new array of spell-checked words using the .map() method!

Reassign storyWords to equal the invocation of the .map() method on the storyWords array.

Setword as a parameter of .map()‘s callback function.

In the callback’s body, define a conditional statement to check if the word argument is equal to the misspelledWord variable. If it is, return the correct spelling of the string, “beautiful”. If not, return word.

Take a look at the story string in the console to see the correct spellings! You can see one instance of the spellchecked word in the first sentence of the story.

Links will be at : https://www.codecademy.com/courses/introduction-to-javascript/projects/mini-linter

Why can’t we use the return in a way like this:
var ten = 10;
var five = 5;

var returnLargerNumber = five < ten ? function() {
return ten;
} : function() {
return five;

console.log(returnLargerNumber()); // logs 10