Why i'm getting empty result?


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Your problem may be from how you get your input. (I am a little rusty with python BUT)
I am pretty sure you should get your input as follows:

original = raw_input(" Enter a word:")


corrected ...but still the same problem


Strange, this code works for me.

print "Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!"
original = raw_input( "Enter a word:")

if len(original) > 0:
    print (original)
    print "empty"


i rechecked...everything seems to be okay...but the problem remains


Try copying/pasting mine. I just tested it again on the codecademy labs and it works as you would expect it.


yes i did and it worked in an external console...but why is it nor working in here?


Why do you have brackets around original though when printing?


does it matter?...because the code is working in an external compiler.. but not here


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