Why I joined CodeCademy

My name is Kris, I am a 14 year old male who lives in the United Kingdom. Since a young age, it has always interested me how what seemed to be just a monitor that lets me play Worms, could be more than just that. Most of my life, I have worked with computers and used them a lot, mostly for flash games. I have always wanted to create a game of my own.

Then I found a website which I won’t mention. The website let me create games by dragging items down into a sandbox-like map. At the time I though that all games were made like this, until I did more research. Turns out computers use ‘code’ to run programmes. Being the easily put-off 8 year old I was then, I decided “Screw this, I want to be a fireman when I’m older.”

Later in my life, I have been using computers more, learned about OS, peripherals, the types of software and much more. Before year 10, I decided that I want to take a GCSE on Computing, and so far it’s going well.

Only up to now I have become interested in the language of code, due to having my first personal computer, I want to make the most of my computer and not just use it to access Facebook, I found this site.

I liked what I saw.

I signed up.

Now I don’t go outside.

10/10 would learn code again.

(Sorry for long read)


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