Why I couldn't create row heading?

So, If you see this picture, even though I changed the scope of table heading to “row”, it does not create row table heading. I know I’m supposed to create column heading that lesson, but I wonder why it doesn’t work with “row”

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It probably isn’t working because A) you used it wrong or B) Codecademy isn’t letting you use it because it’s not apart of the directions

Hey @ye-wonl8998422915 .

Every column can have only one header, right? Think about it. So, how can a single row have 3 different headers? Notice what you did there? Inside one single <tr> element, you have put up three headers for a single row. Should that work? No!

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Oh so that’s why it doesn’t work with “row” but work with column because several column headings can be fitted in one row! You solved my question thank you so much