Why got this error


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got this error "Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't add any key/value pairs to object3!"


Check if you have typo in your code.

also look at this article.


no typho, I think. Please look at the error message.


Can you link the exercise youre on?
without link or title of exercise no one could know what exercise youre on.




As I said earlier,there is a typo in your code.
try to check name of your one of the object.


thanks for the help, but sorry can you point that out as I can't find it.


Your second object is object2
check that part,you have a typo.


if I change this, then it is ok.

var object1 = {
name : "Xtra",
address : "ABC Street",
city : "ABC",
state : "TS"

var object2 = {
reputation : "good",
score : 65

var object3 = {
key1 : "married",
key2 : true


I could possibly showed you the typo.
Working on debugging skills will help you in long run.
By going line by line and checking what place/line of code is out of structure etc.

Now I will let you know what was the error,

Object2.score = 65; You see the capital O ?


But prior to that exercise, even there is a yellow sign, it is ok. If that is what you meant.


That hasn't caused the yellow sign, yellow sign on CodeCademy means

1.Either you missed a semicolon or put semicolon where It should not have to be.
2.Good practice,When you hover over of yellow thing,You will see a tooltip.


is it because I can't use new Object() two times ?


Nope,there is some performance issues when we create object using Object() constructor.
There is a good discussion on Stack you should check out..

this LINK


Please don't give me bits by bits. Make me understand more if you could help elaborate.
Thanks for the help.


Can you tell me how many ways you can create an Object in Javascript?


I have put that link because this issue is well discussed there .
If you check that out,You will understand it better.
If you don't get anything,I will explain.


Thank you. That really helps me understand more.


I think you need to put spaces in some areas.
Ask about this to other people.
Thank you


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