Why Google PageSpeed Insights thinks that my tasks in the main thread, if they are not?

Hi there!
I’m working in a company and I need to accelerate our corporate site according to google page speed insights. Currently, our site has 16 -20 points for mobile and 35-45 points for desktop. I need the site to have 50+ points.
Google Developer tool says, that there are many long-running tasks in the main thread, such as Jivosite and Yandex.metrics. When I turn these tasks off, our site gets to 50+ points, but I’m not satisfied with this solution, because these tasks are very important. Actually, these tasks are not in the main thread, but Google thinks they are. How to convince Google, that these tasks are not in the main thread?
Here is the site I’m talking about: https://www.azoft.com/

Did you notice suggestion to use HTTP/2 in Lighthouse report as well? This may be worth looking into as it shows a high estimated savings in time.