Why Google and Bing don't index my website?

Why Google and Bing don’t index my website?
My website is submited two monthes ago, but over half pages haven’t been indexed. The code has effect on index?
My website is: [link in profile avatar]
Anyone can help me about it? thank you very much.

Have you run the site through a validator? That means HTML, CSS and JavaScript. How about accessibility, any WCAG validation? What about ARIA?

How responsive is the site across all devices? What about across user agents (browsers, robots, screen readers, &c.)?

Is there any hocus pocus going on in the non-rendered text (comments and keyword stuffing where users don’t see them)?

What about the document outline? Is it well formed, or just a hodge podge? Most people miss this point until they’ve had a solid review of the deeper stuff in HTML.

How crawlable is the site? Do robots actually get the page they request? Or is it the template they get? How embedded is the content in served out pages.

Has anybody been doing any SEO on the site, already? Did that person or group of persons build the site? How connected to the development team are the SEO & SEM teams?

Finally, is this really your site, or just one you are trying to do SEO for? Be honest. You’ve been given a pass, so far.

First they crawled it then they will index your website.

The first thing a search engine has to do is discover a site. The simplest way is to plant links to the site on other sites. This can be done by agreement with site owners (who support your site, and are therefore valid referrers) or by posting of links (spam) on sites that offer forums.

If your site is well supported the links from other sites will be natural. Those links are gold. Verifying them is another problem. But, ten links from trusted sites is worth 10000 from unverifiable sites. Get links from other sites by personal contact. Grow naturally.

When your site is discovered, don’t let it be a disappointment or require human intervention to fully judge it. Anything dodgy will immediately slip the domain into the supplemental index from which it may never re-emerge. Introduce a clean, HTML/CSS/JS valid site and stave off these awful consequences. Mess with the search engines at your own peril.

Bottom line, don’t introduce a domain that could be kicked off the rails before it gets started. Check all the boxes first.

  • valid and discernable outline
  • no repeated text
  • content matches title
  • no text embedding
  • no dodgy links

The last one is iffy. A site is not rated by the outbound links unless those links are to dodgy sites.

Got it, thank you for your detailed help.

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Crawled, but didn’t catch.

Now, it’s about 4 month later, most pagas are indexed, but some pages are excluded, maybe the page quality is not qualified. Anyway, thank you very much.

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