Why Enzyme should be removed from the full stack course!

I know this is a bold statement but its actually not helpfull to people learning react. As of this moment there is starting to be a move towards the react test library instead as it updates more frequently and you dont have to downgrade your react version just so you can test your app…

Why Enzyme should be deprecated?

There are a couple of reasons that can be summarized in a few bullets:

  1. It has a long record of falling behind changes in React, preventing people from transitioning to newer React versions

  2. It relies on React internal implementation, and React team discourages using it

  3. It is currently maintained by single person - and it’s risky for so many companies to rely on a single person to maintain one of their crucial pieces of software

  4. It facilitates some bad testing practices, and tests in Enzyme don’t represent customer experience

  5. There’s a far better solution in the market, and the industry has already moved on…

So can this please be fixed at the up most improtance as its not ideal especially when people are trying to learn new things and get given something that should be deprecated in the near future

If anyone has something to say against what i’ve written then please enlighten me in the comments thankyou :slight_smile:

Happy coding!!

As Supporting evidence check out this link A Post From the person who created the enzyme adaptor for react 17

Thank you Joshua! I shared your feedback with the team :+1:

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Thank you! hopefully this gets sorted or I get an answer about how I’m wrong! :slight_smile: