Why don't the course editors have intellisense?

As someone who uses Visual Studio Code and Atom a lot, it’s difficult not having intellisense. Although I don’t necessarily require it, it speeds up code typing. Instead of manually typing opening and closing brackets in HTML and other courses, intellisense would allow me to start typing a tag and then Tab to complete the tag.

It’s just faster is all I’m saying.

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The key of codecademy is to teach people how to code. In my opinion forcing people to pay good attention to syntax is a better way to learn than presenting them with nifty features so that they don’t have to think about it anymore :P. Don’t you agree ;)?

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Admittedly I thought about that this morning. Although it tends to be annoying, not having it and all, it’s useful for newbies to understand the important. I do, however, wish that there was an option for highly experienced developers like myself to enable intellisense so I can easily refresh myself on basics without having to type slow and double-check my typing.

Although in all honesty, it’s reminded me just how much I rely on tab-completion rather than typing out every single character

I understand your point but also in all honesty and fairness the target group for Codecademy is not experienced developers such as yourself ;).