Why don't all the latest browser versions support ES6?


If we look at caniuse.com, we can see that some browsers still do not have support for ES6. Why don’t all the latest browser versions support ES6?


One main reason for this is that the browsers that still do not support ES6 are not as popular and used as the other browsers. Because they are not as used, the developers might think that it is not worth all the time and effort to implement ES6 support to them as they are being phased out or overtaken by competitor or alternative browsers. For example, the Edge browser, which supports ES6, is replacing Internet Explorer, which does not support ES6.

Another reason that browsers may still not support ES6 as of now is that browsers can still work and function well without absolutely needing to support the syntax. This was one reason for the creation of babel, which transpiles code from ES6 to ES5 so that all browsers can run JavaScript code.