Why doesnt this work



Take a closer look at the error message.
Is your code properly indented to 4 spaces?


yeah i get it that its the indentation issue, what do you mean by 4 spaces?


He means a tab. You need to go to the beginning of the lines of code and press your tab key.

I feel space is unnecessary for indenting, so I use tabs instead.


ok, i try to use tabs as often. This means i used one space too much or too little on the line 9?


We should not encourage subjectivity, but objectivity, and consider what the wider community recommends… SPACEs. Better to build a habit around what the rest are doing, rather than let our own subjectivity creep in.


ok but where is the problem in my code :frowning: XD


Hi @methodwhiz79260,

To examine your code properly, we’ll need to have it as formatted text. This will enable us the determine the composition of the whitespace that is being used for indentation in terms of spaces and tabs. The indentation should consist of one or the other, and not a combination of both.

For advice of how to format code as you post it, see How to ask good questions (and get good answers).


oh well i deleted it xd, BUT THANKS GUYS, i can always expect help from this community, you are the best